Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guess What They're Teaching in First Grade These Days...

Guess What They're Teaching in First Grade These Days....How to make babies!

That was my status on Facebook today. It didn't really surprise me that some of the comments were of shock or disbelief. How many times have you read something and assumed the worst? Maybe it was a letter from a friend or perhaps a comment on your facebook. Then it is shared with others that 'this person said horrible things to me.' Can you believe that she would do this to me? Before you know it, without even talking to the person face to face, it has been spread all over and a relationship destroyed.

Unless you are talking to someone face to face, you really can't assume to know their intentions. You see, you can't hear the inflection in their voice or the emotion in which it was written.

How many relationships have been destroyed by assumption?

Oh...and to clarify, my granddaughter did learn how to make babies today. She also learned how to make puppies and kitties. You simply change the "Y" to an "i" and add -es.

So next time you receive a comment, note or even a letter in the mail and you don't know how the author intended it, don't assume. Go to the person face to face and ask them.

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  1. I totally agree! What we get out of a post might not be what the poster intended. Great job!